About Me

I am LeAnna DeBaptiste Hallman. I am a third generation funeralist. I am a mom, a wife and a best friend. I have been immersed in almost every aspect of funeral service since growing up in a Funeral Home as a child (more about this here). With this unique perspective, I have always dreamed of bringing technical solutions to the funeral industry.

Why I created Rest In Power

When Covid-19 and police brutality hit the national stage- the urgency to meet the moment became apparent. Witnessing my family try to safely assist on the frontline of this pandemic filled me with fear and frustration. Hearing stories of people suffering alone, family members unable to say goodbye- left me angry and sad.

The global heartbreak seemed never ending. I channeled my feelings into bringing this app to life- to serve people in their time of need-for themselves or their loved ones. Rest In Power is the culmination of years of idea and product development designed with the intent to give people a plan today-no matter their income or circumstance- that will give them peace of mind for tomorrow.

I have given this a lot of thought

(and I believe you have too)

My personal Rest In Power Plan outlines my desire for a room setup, similar to a wedding- with a buffet, music and an open bar- and all my loved ones gathered together. Instead of a traditional funeral service, I request that my loved ones tell lots of stories, showcasing all the different parts of who I was. I want my spirit to be sent off into the ether with their big push of love.

When it comes to my own legacy I hope to be remembered as someone who showed love and support in community and service to others and was equally beloved.

In the meantime, I remain curious and open towards the future of the funeral industry. I like to spend my free time enjoying a movie night with my family or daydreaming of all the things I want to do once the pandemic has subsided.