My Favorite Obituaries

An obituary traditionally is a pre-written death notice with factual information about the deceased. Any myriad of reasons can make an obituary stand out from the rest.

For example, If your loved one was a notorious storyteller how cool would it be to write in their same style? Of course that means knowing your loved one well and what they would want expressed to their town and possibly the world’s stage with their obituary. 

Here are some examples of truly creative, honest and courageous obituaries.  

They have all touched me in some way. From light heartedness to rage, grief, and honesty; an obituary can truly be whatever you make it. 

Please do keep in mind – most newspapers charge per word to print an obituary, in addition anything vulgar, too political or even too untraditional might not get printed in your local paper. 

Photos of great obituaries

Holly Blair Obituary
David W Nagy Obit